Behdad Lahooti

Behdad Lahooti, born in 1976 in Tehran, is an Iranian sculpture and an active member of association of Iranian sculptors. He has years of experiences as director and general secretary of Tehran Sculpture Biennial, national Sculpture Expositions, and other sculpture-related events under his belt while cooperating with various Iranian art galleries, such as Aaran Art gallery and Hedayat Art Gallery, as an artist and has had several solo and group exhibitions so far.
He has experienced with a wide variety of materials over his long years of activity as a sculpture. Although his skill in working with varying kinds of metals has been particularly appreciated, he frequently uses wood, plaster, resin, ceramic, fabric, and many others in his creative process.
New materials and techniques are always welcomed in Lahooti’s pieces and his art is characterized by implementing modern techs and processes. Distinctive and varied periods can be seen in the works of this prolific artist, distinguishable for one another in terms of forms and manners of dealing with subject matters, nonetheless, social issues remain the key theme in his works and events in the world and Middle-East, wars, and news exert a big impact on him. Lahooti’s sculptors has been well-received by art enthusiasts dues their aesthetic qualities, both formal and visual, as well as their skillful construction. Although, his works fascinate viewers by their sheer beauty at first sight, they provoke thought in all of them too.